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Vasanti was born and brought up in Nairobi, Kenya. She grew up as a science geek and loved reading about health and anatomy right from childhood and always had a passion for exercise and zest for life. She then got married and moved to Mombasa. After having three children, she followed her passion and enrolled to aerobics and Zumba classes and continued with the same zest for 16 years.

Her yoga journey started four years ago as a means to counteract the impact on her lower back. The results were amazing and her back healed completely and changed her life in a way she could never have imagined. It made her stronger, more flexible & centred, and an overall calmer person. Having moved to London and attending more yoga classes, she discovered her passion for yoga growing deeper and fell in love with the more subtle, spiritual parts of the practice and the road to becoming a yoga teacher became a natural development from then on, transitioning her from a home maker and a full time mum into a yoga teacher.

Vasanti is a 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher (RYT 200) and is trained in Hatha Raja tradition by one of the greatest teachers Ambra Vallo together with other co-teachers like Naren (Hijo de Vecino en india), Jambo Dragon, Ivy Mok and Fabio Filippi.

She is very passionate about teaching individuals how to find and celebrate their powers. Her warm and welcoming teaching styles will draw you in, put you at ease and help you find your balance, peace and power which is just within you.

Vasanti’s main aim is to teach students anatomically correct body engagement and alignment to prevent injuries, ensure strong & safe practice and teach them how to understand and respect their own unique bodies and offer an experience away from daily life where they can connect with their body and mind in a new light.

Teaching feels her heart with love, gratitude, forgiveness and acceptance. She loves spreading the joys of what yoga can bring and wants everyone to live better, fuller lives. Her classes are energising and flowing, balancing a strong physical workout with full stretching and a calming, relaxing, restorative element. She keeps instructions clear, interesting and light-hearted, while never losing sights of the serious benefits to her students from what she is teaching. She strongly believes that to grow as a teacher, it’s important to remain the eternal student.

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